Gautam Prabhu
CEO & Founder

Gautam Prabhu is the Managing Director of Aсtigage, a SaaS product that focuses on building mobile apps and live engagement platforms for events. 

He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics from Vivekananda Institute of Technology. An industry expert, he has been in the field of software engineering for the past 15 years and worked as a Managing Director of Pallas Media Pte. Ltd, a media company that focuses on expanding technology blogs. 

As the Director of Actigage, Gautam encourages the employment of the latest technology and builds the agenda for the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase engagement at events. Actigage facilitates content-driven excellence (e-ticket promotion, custom branding, personalization) and live engagement (hello- and location-based messaging, polling, and live Q&A).